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Meet Katy

Buyer’s Agent | RE Salesperson


Hey, I’m Katy, a buyer’s agent on the Upstate Curious Team. I'm a great listener who takes the time to understand exactly what my clients care about — and I make that my obsession throughout the process. I  distill complex information into clear points and actionable steps so that home buying feels as streamlined, straightforward, and fun (!) as possible.

I also see the white space: I've survived two gut renovation projects and know what it takes to turn a house with potential into a dream home. Having been through the process of finding my own upstate home recently, I also deeply understand how overwhelming it can be to decide where to look and what to prioritize.

I'd been a weekender for decades, dreading the Sunday night drive back to the city. When life finally allowed us to make the move up here full time, we jumped on it and started filling our house up with dogs. I love the little moments of awe I experience every day — a fawn grazing with her mom, the way the morning fog sits in the mountains, a bright red tree in the fall. I look forward to every season, even winter with snowy hikes and cozy days inside.

When I’m not helping clients find their perfect upstate home, I’d love to help them find the right dog to adopt! I foster dogs (more than 3 dozen now!) and have three pups of my own. There are so many wonderful dogs out there and I fall in love with each one who comes through our house (especially the pitties). Otherwise, my husband and I do all the upstate stuff — hiking, skiing, swimming holes, breweries, exploring great towns and eating delicious food. I don't think we'll ever get tired of it.

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