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Meet Brian

Buyer's Agent Coordinator | RE Salesperson
After bouncing back and forth between San Francisco and NYC for the last couple decades, my husband and I dug in and bought an apartment in NYC. A few years later, we bought a friend's 19th century farmhouse in Sullivan County, and I quickly fell in love with the area and discovered I was spending all my time nerding out about the houses up here and exploring the rest of the Catskills/Hudson Valley. And then I realized, hey, I could help other people do this too!

So to be just UNBEARABLY cheesy, to paraphrase Mr. Tony Bennett, I did sort of feel like I left my heart in San Francisco, but found it again in the Catskills. 

My previous work lives have been in publishing and tech; most recently I ran a book awards program for an LGBTQ literary foundation in NYC. These days, I do still spend some time in the city, but increasingly call upstate home.

My first real estate experience: Making an offer on a place in Berkeley at asking and getting rejected, even though ours was the only offer. I remember being like, I don't get it - we're offering to pay what they're asking! (Little did I know.)

What I love most about upstate: The jaw-dropping natural beauty. Hiking. Being able to grow some of my own food. The laid-back vibe and the people I've met, who have all been so interesting and unbelievably welcoming. And the endless sense of discovery — there are so many amazing places to explore.


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